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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ettie- Character Back Story- Sabin

As part of my research for my next novel, I am writing back stories for my main characters. I thought it might be fun to share them on my blog.  Sabin is my leading man. He is a vampire and is the first immortal to meet Harriet, my leading lady, after her transformation.   Sabin is typically a loaner but is taken by Harriett's beauty.

Sabin Back Story
Name- Sabin
Birth- July 22 1788.
Date of Transformation- 1810, age 22. Sabin was changed into a vampire in an abandoned bar in Spain.
Hair- Long, blond hair almost translucent in color.
Eyes- Blue
Height- 6’1.  

Physical Description- Sabin was tall for his Spanish heritage, but he always favored his mother’s side. His completion was fair, his eyes were blue.  Harriet describes his eyes - He truly had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.  I was shocked by how forward he was, but I was paralyzed by his good looks.  I almost felt that he had a power over me.  I wanted to run, but I was so drawn into his piercing blue eyes.”

Hobbies- Sabin enjoys collecting fine art with his coven members Graham, Blair and Savannah. He also plays piano, and classical guitar. 

Coven- Sabin lives with three other vampires Graham, Blair and Savannah.  Graham and Blair were married when they were human and have stayed together since.  Savannah joined the coven when Sabin, Graham and Blair immigrated from Europe to New Orleans Louisianan.  Blair had hoped that Savannah and Sabin would hit it off, but they were far too much alike and never were a couple. 

Occupation- Sabin and Graham are venture capitalist and own many companies. Most notably a medical supply company that is trying to get FDA approval of a synthetic blood product.

Personal History- Parents- Mother was a French show girl and father was Spanish.  Sabin’s parents met in Paris France but quickly moved to his father’s village in Spain.  They were never married. Sabin spent most of his childhood being teased for looking different than the other children.  He spent a lot of time indoors reading trying to escape his life.  When he was twenty he fell in love with a local girl.  Her father was extremely unhappy that Sabin was dating his daughter and had Sabin turned into a vampire as a way to get rid of him. Sabin was bricked into the basement wall of the bar and was left with only a note telling him what he now was.

Sabin hibernated for ten years after his transformation. Once he awoke he  tried to find his parents and discovered that his mother had died, and his father had moved away.  Sabin went to visit his love only once to find that now she was married and had children.  Sabin knew he could not take away a child’s mother so he moved on.

Sabin traveled through Europe for a few years not caring about what human lives he was taking to be fed.  When Sabin was in London, he met Graham who helped him learn to control his thirst, Graham also invited him into his coven.  In the early 1900’s the coven decided to move to New Orleans which was becoming abundantly populated with Vampires.  Once in New Orleans they met Savannah who soon became part of their coven.  Sabin never had any interest in other vampires until he met Harriett in 2010. She was the first immortal who caught his eye.  He felt a need to protect her and help her on her quest to find her creator.

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