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Thursday, April 12, 2012

WIP’s -What I am currently writing.

WIP’s -What I am currently writing.

I thought it might be fun to share some of the current WIP’s (Work In Progress) that I am currently writing.  I’m not sure if I will finish them, but these are some fun ideas I have rattling around in my head.  My number one priority is the sequel to My Life With The Movie Star.  I enjoy writing about Abby and Grayson and what they might be doing. This also gives me a chance to bring Dave more into the story.   It surprised me how many people enjoyed his role in the first book, and gives me a chance to give him a much bigger role in the sequel.

My Life Without The Movie Star-
 Life has been perfect for Abby and Grayson the past few months, when Grayson gets a gigantic starring role in two movies filmed on location in Europe. Abby currently working for System Plus Software, is unable to be on set with Gray and returns to her home town of Port Washington Wisconsin.  The town, which she once loved, now feels cold and lonely.  Her Best Friend Lisa, recently married, is unable to hang out as often.  Abby fills her days with work but misses Gray. The one bright spot in Abby's life is Lisa and Dan’s close friend Dave just got a promotion and moves to Milwaukee.  Abby and Dave get a chance to rekindle their old friendship, and grow closer. While Grayson is on location, Abby is unaware of a looming threat.  The studio producing the movies feels Abby is un fit to be Grayson’s girlfriend and go to considerable length to make sure they split up.

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